Stan Fong

Stan's passion for photography was sparked by a photography class in summer school when he was 14. Inspired by the books and works of Ansel Adams, Edward Weston and Galen Rowell, he bought his first new SLR (an Olympus OM-1) while at student at UC Berkeley, and took additional classes in photography offered by the School of Journalism, including photojournalism and darkroom techniques in developing and printing.

After graduating with an A.B. in music he found himself caught up in his career and photography had to wait. It wasn't until many years later when his travels took him to Ireland, Austria (Vienna/Salzburg), Italy and the United Kingdom, that he realized that these trips may be once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, so he began to chronicle them with digital equipment.

Today, Stan spends as much time as he can photographing landmarks, national parks and all of the beauty that nature gives us from his home base in Northern California. The equipment he uses most often are Nikon digital SLRs and a 4x5 field camera.
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